Title: Total Silence except the bubbles

Artist: Diane Costello

Medium: Photography

Part of the "Deconsturction Rosa Series". 

Deconstructing artwork requiries a whole new thought process. Everyone experiences angst and trauma in their lives at some stage and in terms of emotions it's the taking part, the deconstructing of self or things and it's a cathartic exercise. Deconstruction is a way of looking at how something has been created and breaking it down into smaller parts its form or shape. Sometimes, deconstruction looks at how an artist can imply things he does not mean. The deconstructing process has taken me seven months to work through and understand the implications of the deconstruct. Uncertainty and self-awareness rather than the taste and beauty has inveigled itself in my presentation. 

Diane Costello - Total Silence except the bubbles

SKU: DC0003
  • Title: Total silence except the bubbles

    Artist: Diane Costello

    Media: Photography 

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