Title: Blowing on Easterly

Artist: Kirsten Reid

Medium: Acrylic on canvas and paper - part weave

Mixed Media and photographic artist. Kirsten draws inspiration from the landscape, patterns and textures, nature's color and ever changing light. It is all about seeing the things that sometimes go unnoticed or are taken for granted and the individual components that make up the whole. Mixed media, printmaking, photography and montage artworks, using photographs, paints, canvas, paper, inks and fabric feature in her work, often with torn or woven elements to add another dimention. Kirsten also creates photographic images where the details are highlighted for dramatic effect or pared down using camera movement, resulting in soft, fluid images. She exhibits her work in exhibitions and events throughout the year. 

Kirstein Reid - Blowing on Easterly

SKU: KR0003
  • Title: Blowing on Easterly

    Artist: Kirsten Reid

    Media: Photography 

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