Title: Stand of Kauri

Artist: Michele Grace-Davies

Medium: Original Acrylic Painting

Michele is a kiwi and a self taught artist, drawing and painting since she was a very little girl, she loves our native trees, so in her working life as a gardener views working in amazing gardens and bush a great privilege she has the opportunity to study how they grow and form their individual structures. She has only recently had the courage to show her work to the world, painting with acrylic on canvas, using layer upon layer to create 3D effect and is now an award winning artist. Michele celebrates Kauri, Ferns, and other native trees, in all their magnificient glory aiming to highlight the conservation work being done and says....

"We have to protect our amazingly special trees, plants and wildlife of which many stories and legends have been told, they are part of us, all people!"

Michele Grace-Davies -Stand of Kauri

SKU: MGD0003
  • Title: Stand of Kauri

    Artist: Michele Grace-Davies

    Media: Original Acrylic Painting 

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